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Twitter Verification Submission - Your Digital Label
Twitter Verification Submission - Your Digital Label
Twitter Verification Submission - Your Digital Label

Twitter Verification Submission

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Twitter is a popular social network consisting of both regular and verified global users. A user will not be verified simply by signing up, but must qualify in the eyes of the Twitter Help & Support Team.

Why Are Verified Twitter Accounts Important?

Verification badges are awarded to accounts that represent celebrities, brand names, public figures and companies. This tells users those accounts are authentic and are exactly who and what they appear to be. This also helps to distinguish between real accounts and fake accounts that are often set up by those who have no affiliation with the person or business. brand credibility . Verifying your account can enhance your social media presence making your personal brand more attractive for endorsements etc

Distinguish yourself from parody and fake accounts –  Gaining a verified account can ensure the actions of another account aren’t mistaken as being your own. This verifies who you are via twitter.

The only problem is – this status is very hard to get! No Worries…! We will get your account in the right twitter handlers hands for verification! A user should carefully consider whether or not an account qualifies for the badge first. Twitter will not award verification simply from a user asking for it. We will get your account submitted & in the hands of twitter for verification but we do not guarantee they will blue check you. If they feel you do not meet requirements they will not verify you

What we will do?

We will Optimize & help you meet requirements before we submit your account to get verified so your account will be ready and qualify the conditions of twitter. Twitter will then email you within 2-3 week to let you know if you meet requirements for blue check.


Fast Delivery
Get verified within a months time  after submitted! Give us 2-3 days to process. After payment is received we will email you to get all info that is needed for submission.