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Viral Media E-Blast - Your Digital Label

Viral Media E-Blast

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Have a mixtape, video, or new single you would like to send to 60,000+ music industry contacts consisting of dj’s, radio, blogs, a&r’s, record label exects, magazines,  promoters, models, music artist, etc we have great packages at affordable prices.

☀Rookie Blast $100☀
1 blast…
60,000+ industry contacts

☀Silver Blast $225☀
3 blast…
60,000+ industry contacts

☀All Gold Everything Blast $300☀
5 blast…
60,000+ industry contacts

☀Platinum Blast $750☀
5 blast…
E-Blast sent via (Viral Media E-Blast, Mp3Waxx, East Coast Digital, & RealRapPromo)
25,000 twitter followers
10,000 instagram followers
1,000 instagram likes (spread over last 10 pics)

Fast Delivery
We will make sure to have your e-blast sent out within 1-4 days