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Your Digital Bible

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The complete BIBLE on how to get your music heard and discovered, and go viral, and get booked!! You don't have to be a celebrity to GET PAID!!! 

Over 4,500 Independent magazines, Radio Stations, Music Blogs, Indie record labels, Distributors, Music Promotion Sites and Spotify Playlist.

Over 1,700 Record Label Contacts, A&R Music Lawyers, Publishers and more..

Over 470 Booking Agents who book PAID SHOWS for Artist, Rappers, Bands, Dj's, and more at Venues, Colleges, Cruise ships, Weddings, Events, Parties and more around the WORLD!

3 Step EPK Creator! Create an Epic Electronic Press Kit Like a Pro!


How to get on Spotify and How to submit your music to Spotify playlist!


All this and much more in one Package!! YOUR DIGITAL BIBLE is your guide to guarantee success in the music industry!!! If your not happy with all the great information you get when you purchase YOUR DIGITAL BIBLE we offer you a DOUBLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!! 

Thats how confident we are in YOUR DIGITAL BIBLE and the information we provide to help you catapult to the next level of success in your career in the music industry!!